Specialists in wills, asset protection and probate

YourWill are experienced consultants who specialise in will writing, asset protection, succession planning, and probate.

Although your bank or solicitor can usually offer a will writing service and assist with estate administration and probate, YourWill Consultants have the specialist knowledge in Tax planning, Asset protection and Trusts that can make a significant financial difference to the estate you leave behind. Where your bank or solicitor do have the necessary specialised, up to date and focused knowledge and experience they are likely to be significantly more expensive than YourWill. You will not find better value for the best advice!

With our professional advice you can:

  • have inexpensive wills drafted by lawyers
  • ensure your wishes are legally recorded
  • plan carefully to protect your family's interests
  • minimise the cost of dealing with your estate
what happens if i go without a will do i need to use a Trust? who is at risk if we are not married?

Be sure your property and money go to the right people - if you have not made a will, you need to act. Contact YourWill today!